Most people are shocked to learn that Americans gain an average of 14 pounds over the Holidays. Yes, 14! That’s an amazing amount of weight to gain in just a 6 week period.

You’ve been “good” all year, so why throw it all away during holiday feasts and parties? There are some simple strategies that work to avoid falling into this trap. You can still enjoy the holiday treats, but the idea is to manage them!

Use water as a tool to manage alcohol consumption. When you arrive at a party or dinner, say you are thirsty and don’t want to guzzle your drink since you’re driving! So you’re having a glass of water first. With drunk driving concerns, your hosts will understand this! If you don’t like plain water, people usually have sparkling water. Drink a full 8 oz. glass of water before you accept an alcoholic drink. Hey, live dangerously, have two!

Starting with water has two good effects. First of all, you’ll postpone the drinking so that there will be less time to drink alcohol. Plus, water tends to make our stomachs feel filled and satisfied. You’ll then be less likely to overeat. For best results, have a glass of water or seltzer between each alcoholic drink.

Choice of alcohol is also important. Skip the Christmas punch filled with rum and fruit, and stick with wine, either red or white.

Selecting Foods
At parties we usually don’t have a choice as to what is being prepared. But most hosts will include fruits and veggies in some way, shape or form. When you select your food, use the Weight Watchers guide that ½ of your plate should be filled with vegetables. If you know you don’t have the willpower to turn down dessert, then pass on the starch such as potatoes [yes, even sweet potatoes], pasta and bread. It’ll give you something to look forward to.
Moms have a great habit of pushing food. Best response is NOT to sound like a martyr but to simply say, “Thanks! I’m happy with this!”.

Pot Lucks
While everyone may be looking forward to your 12-egg/heavy cream egg nog, when bringing something as part of a pot luck, volunteer for a simple, flavorful vegetable or fruit dish. A plate of veggie crudités with a low-fat yogurt/dill dip will also be an appetizer that fills you up before the dinner choices. Unusual fruits like star fruit or kiwi can be dressed up with pomegranate seeds to look festive and no dressing is needed!

A Little Extra Help
Going it alone during the Holidays is a challenge!
All the temptations…
…all the friends & family urging us to eat…
…the little voice saying well, just this one time of year.

Give yourself a little extra help by using a natural supplement for appetite suppression and increased energy.

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Then go out and enjoy the Holidays!