Whether you want to limit your alcohol consumption at holiday parties to avoid weight gain, or to keep from making a fool of yourself in front of the boss, here are some simple ideas for drinking sensibly at Holiday parties.  The last tip may also reduce hangovers, an awful side effect of having too much “fun”.

Create a Drinking Program for the Evening

You’ll slide down that slippery slope to excessive drinking if you don’t have a plan for the party.  Decide how many drinks you can safely drink in the evening – you know your body! – and stick to that number.  You can reduce the number of alcoholic drinks by starting with a seltzer or water and alternating with your favorite cocktails. 

Plan to drink slowly.  This is all the more reason to have a glass of water first.  Often I am thirsty when I get to a party and guzzle a cocktail simply because I need to quench my thirst. 
Then simply sip your drinks, enjoy the taste and make it last. 

Choose what you are going to drink wisely.

  • have wine over mixed drinks or spirits
  • change the proportions of mixed drinks so that the alcohol is 5 – 10 % of the drink rather than the usual 20 – 50%.

Be sure not to drink on an empty stomach.  If there is food at the party, go to the buffet table first and get some food into you! Or if there is no or little food, eat a substantial snack before you arrive.

Plus …

You might consider arriving late for a party.  I’ve arrived late enough to skip the “cocktail hour” before a Holiday dinner so as to avoid the entire drinking issue.  Then I just have wine with dinner.

If there are activities such as dancing or games, jump right in and keep it up!  Moving around and being active will keep you from drinking more.

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Happy Holidays!