So many New Year’s resolutions center on losing weight and getting fit either through dieting or exercise, or both. The two facets of health and fitness are inextricably linked. Exercise will help increase weight loss. If you expend more calories than you take in, the simple math says you’ll shed pounds.

But there is an underlying problem that dieters face. For many people, injuries, spinal misalignment, muscle tightness and ailments such as arthritis, cause pain when exercising. Needless to say, an exercise program that causes or increases pain is not going to last! The answer? Try, Pilates!

Contrary to popular belief, Joseph Pilates was not a gay ballet dancer, but a nurse and medic in World War I who developed his popular exercise program to rehabilitate wounded soldiers. Pilates is not a bunch of exercises and stretches you do in the gym, but rather a way that you move in life, in all things you do such as standing in line at the grocery store, working on your laptop, doing cardio on the treadmill or walking, running or biking. The Pilates techniques are applied when you do all sports such as swimming, tennis or even golf.

Pilates techniques help your back and joints by:
• Building a strong inner “girdle muscle” or core
• Developing pelvic stability
• Creating long, lean muscles that are strong, yet at the same time, flexible
• Increasing range of motion in the joints
• Elongating the spine and separating the vertebrae

If you have pain, best is to work one-on-one with a Pilates instructor rather than taking a class. However, even a class or a home DVD should bring relief very quickly.

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Success Story
Latin-American World Champion Dancer, Els, has been dancing since she was only nine years old. Her career has been an exciting thrill ride, traveling around the world, winning championship after championship, realizing true success as an accomplished dancer. “As professional dancers, we became fourth in the world, but soon after that my body began to suffer. We were practicing so much and were constantly dancing — my body got so wrecked that I could no longer dance,” Els recalls, remembering how her knees especially suffered. She was devastated when she had to stop dancing but soon opened a dancing school with her husband, Jan, also a world champion dancer. There they teach approximately 700 students and train 30 competitive dancing couples. Because of how she felt, Els was limited in her teaching and was mainly handling the administrative side of the business.

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