More and more kids, adolescents and young adults are turning to energy drinks. It may be shocking but researchers estimate as many as 50% of young people regularly consume the drinks in hopes of getting increased concentration or energy. The energy drink market is one of the fastest growing segments of the food industry and corporate giants are pouring ads dollars to gain market share from these impressionable consumers.

Much has been recently written on the dangers of caffeine overdose from brands such as Red Bull. What is less known is that over 45% of the total number of caffeine overdoses were in young people under the age of 19. This shows just how much of the new beverage kids are drinking and in what large quantities!

In a CBS News report Dakota Sailor, 18, a high school senior in Carl Junction, Missouri, says risks linked with energy drinks aren’t just hype. Sailor had a seizure and was hospitalized for five days last year after drinking two large energy drinks. He said his doctor thinks caffeine or caffeine-like ingredients may have been to blame. The report says some cans have four to five times more caffeine than soda, and Sailor said some kids he knows “drink four or five of them a day. That’s just dumb.”

In addition to the large amount of caffeine some of these energy drinks have, many have a much as 10 teaspoons of sugar in a single serving. That’s enough to make anyone pucker so the manufacturers add huge amounts of acids to counteract the cloyingly sweet taste – that’s right, acids that eat right through dental enamel.

Fortunately there is now a better option – Sugar-free WINRGY.

WINRGY is sweetened with Xylitol, a natural product that actually helps keep cavity-forming bacteria from sticking to the surface of teeth. And important for those who are caffeine-sensitive, WINRGY only has as much caffeine as about 1 cup of coffee plus it’s filled with vitamins, minerals and amino acids everyone needs for good health.

It is interesting to note that many kids are taking excessive amounts of energy drinks to improve athletic performance. Serious athletes will be happy to learn that Sugar-Free Winrgy participates in the Netherlands Security System Food Supplements Top Sport [NZVT] system, meaning it complies with anti-doping regulations as established for International athletes.

To protect your children’s health and teeth, ask your doctor or dentist today about Sugar-Free WINRGY or have them contact us via email at or call 866-547-7477.

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