Welcome to the Dental Health & Diet Program!
Boomerang Wellness created this innovative program to help
dental practices during these times of change in the dental and health professions.

Our Dentist Health & Diet Program
• Gives your education staff, including hygienists, the tools for better patient information
• Increases patient compliance
• Offers easy financial return for your office

The following pages will lead you through the program!

Program Foundation
The Program Foundation page gives you all the information and details about our new health drink that contains Xylitol.

The Benefits page will explain how the Dental Program will help your patients, especially in the area of compliance, give your staff materials for education, and provide details on how the Dental Program will increase your practice’s financial health.

from Dr. Noelle Santucci, DDS

Getting Started
How to get started in the Dental Program!

Seminar Schedule