Benefits for Your Patients
Making WINRGY available to your patients on-site, offers a proven product for carie and plaque reduction. For the many patients who use energy drinks, you’re also offering a sugar-free alternative that is healthier and provides 4-6 hours of sustained energy and mental performance, without the jitters or crash. You are also ensuring 100% compliance when they don’t have to source WINRGY themselves elsewhere.

Benefits for Your Education Staff
Boomerang Wellness provides complete training and information for your education staff. A simple sampling program added to your annual exam gift bag of dental floss and toothbrush is an easy way to show your patients the benefits of the Xylitol in WINRGY.

Benefits for the Dental Practice
Of course, your main concern as a dental professional is the health of your patients. The WINRGY program brings a proven product to your patients. Beyond this, however, is the potential to generate significant residual income for your practice.

But don’t take our word for it alone…go to our Testimonials Page to read how other dental practices are thriving in the program!