Two simultaneous forces are changing the way medicine is practiced in the 21st century.

Get Paid Twice for Performance
The first is the recognition within the healthcare industry and in society in general, that the American system needs modification. Rapidly rising healthcare costs, the need to provide basic coverage for all citizens, the aging population, the shrinking pool of healthcare professionals, and newly available technologies for wireless products are turning traditional medical experiences on their ear.

For physicians in private practice, Pay-for-Performance measures are being proposed to address these issues.  Instead of just being paid for a procedure or appointment, the physician is compensated based upon quality measures such as reduction of blood sugar in diabetics and fewer or shorter hospital stays by heart patients.

In the long run, quality of care and improved results create a healthier and happier patient population and this can be a win-win situation for the doctor and patient.  However, some of the methods and techniques required to make more substantive improvements in patients’ lives may take longer than traditional models and increase overhead costs. 

How does a physician with limited time and resources make these changes in his or her practice?
There is a simple, effective answer.  It is the addition of The Physicians’ Health & Diet® Program to an existing office setting.  Rapidly growing nationally, this solution has helped hundreds of practices provide quality Wellness to their patients, while at the same time, providing financial support to the physician.

When combined with Pay-for-Performance compensation plans, The Physicians’ Health & Diet Program ensures that the doctors are paid doubly for performance!

It’s a Wired World
In what seems like an overnight change, we now live in a wired world.  Social media is the new way that people stay in touch. While to many traditionalists, texting someone in the same building seems impersonal, when used strategically in business practice, social media is a powerful and effective communications tool. 

Social media is being used in healthcare for support groups such as mothers of children with Type1 diabetes to help devise strategies for making birthday parties fun without all the sugar and for monitoring geriatric patients in real time.  Patients that are tied to a practice through like-minded groups are also more likely to stick with the practice and be more compliant.

The WIN-WIN Solution
    Wellness for your patients, Wealth for you

The Physiciansʼ Health & Diet® Program

It has been clearly demonstrated that dietary supplements have long term, positive effects on patient health.  With the poor quality of the food supply, purity of supplements is a key consideration.  Your patients will see greater results when they purchase products directly from you that are PDR-listed. You can then guarantee that patients are actually adding an extra measure of success to your treatment plan.

In addition to ensuring you are meeting Pay-for-Performance measures for patient success, providing dietary supplements will give you the financial ROI required in these times of changing practices.  Many participants are finally able to live the lifestyle formerly enjoyed by healthcare practitioners!

Whether you are measuring decreased blood sugar levels, weight loss, heart function or joint mobility, The Physicians’ Health & Diet Program will ensure long term Wellness for your patients with the added benefit of financial security for your practice.

Social Media Patient Community

Facebook, twitter and many other new social media sites are all the rage these days.  But just having the youngest, coolest kid on your team post messages may not allow you to take full advantage of the power social media provides for business.  You’ll only have success if your social media strategy is just that – strategic! 1,000’s of followers do no good if they are not in your target market or geographic location.

Strategic Social Media can help medical practices in a variety of unique ways that tie back into increased patient success in Pay-for-Performance measures.  While posts and tweets are a good way to get information out, community is what makes social media, well, social!  You’ll be able to create support groups that help each other achieve success in diet, nutrition, fitness, and other compliance areas.  In addition, social communities are important in medical practice exit strategies, providing additional value to buyers.

When combined, the Physicians Health & Diet Program and Strategic Social Media give you success in creating wellness for your patients and wealth for you!

Testimonial: Dr. Dennis Sandler, CA

“I got involved in this program 14 years ago as a practicing Ob-Gyn at Scripps

Clinic, La Jolla. Within 5 years the income from this “part-time” business

allowed me to transition from working 90+ hours a week in clinical medicine to

retiring from my clinical practice. Also, with fewer constraints on my time, I am

now able to volunteer my medical services at a prenatal clinic for the indigent.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how the Physicians’ Health & Diet® Program

can create profit in the office, an exit strategy from medicine, or a retirement

program without increasing overhead and salaries – plus great tax advantages”