Physicians’ and Dentists’
Health & Wellness Business Seminar

We are looking for leaders in Medicine and Dentistry who are ready
to make a difference in the way they care for their patients.


Northern California

August 19-20th, 2011
2001 Crow Canyon Road, Suite 210
San Ramon, CA 94583

Orlando, FL

August 26-27th, 2011
September 30 & October 1st, 2011
November 4-5th, 2011
December 2-3rd, 2011
Orlando Doctors Meeting
600 Rinehart Rd., 1st Floor,
Lake Mary, FL 32746

6:30 p.m. Registration
7:00 p.m. Seminar
8:15 p.m. Q&A

Topics to be presented:
 You will learn in more detail about this turnkey program and financial opportunity that can create significant cash flow to your practice without adding overhead expenses such as additional employees, office space or expensive machinery, with tax advantages.
 You will receive detailed information on effective PDR® -listed nutritional supplements, Omega-3 fish oil, which is the only 88% pure OTC omega-3 manufactured by the same company that manufactures Lovaza, at 1/3 the cost, CoQ10, and nutritional weight management products that have been widely appreciated by the medical community for the past 17 years.
 You will see how this program can create an exit strategy from medicine or dentistry or a retirement program for you.

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